Jun 23

B’s this and that inventory items

I know it's been a long time since I've updated my blog. But I've added some new inventory items B's this and that. They were photographed in Febuary but due to a lot of reasons, I wasn't able to post them untill recently.

Threre are 33 items in all, but I'll just link to a few of them:

Check out the remainder of the new item under B's this and that

Thank you and happy shopping !

Nov 02

New inventory items added to B’s a Little bit of This and That

A few weeks ago I added some new Avon inventory to B's a little bit of this and that. Most of the inventory are bundles made up of an Advance Order Package. What's an Advance Order Package? It's products that are sold in a lot to Avon representatives at a large discount. This of course means that I can offer the items at a price much lower then the normal brochure price. Just in time for Christmas! Here is a sampling of some of the items that I've added:

  • Anew products (Sun Screen, Eye lift, Clinical)
  • Footworks moisturizing cream
  • Skin so soft bundle
  • Far away & Rare Diamonds perfume spray
  • Core elements bundle

So take a bit of a look at B's a little bit of this and that today.

Jul 27

Announcing the opening of B’s this and that

I’d like to announce the grand opening of our e-commerce site, B’s this and that. We’re selling some of our excess Avon inventory as well as some of the odds & ends that we’ve acquired over the years. All of the Avon inventory that’s for sale are either customer returns or demos that were purchased by my wife who has been an Avon representative for the last 5+ years. At the moment there are about 30 items on the site but as we add more we’ll post it here.